On Deck

This week we shot two new Cooking by Heart pieces with local masters in downtown Dole, France!

One with locally celebrated Chef Gilles Beauvais at his very popular bistro, Bouchon le Grevy.

The other with Boulangier (Baker) William Courderot at his family’s bakery where the baguettes fly off the shelf all day everyday.

Stay tuned!


As you may or may not know…Paul and I have embarked on a journey in France, WWOOFing and otherwise traveling, for one year. You can see our adventures on our French Adventure blog: Play Big Ball. Generally, we work 4-5 hours each day, starting at a reasonable hour, 8 or 9a. We’ve been on the road for almost two months now, and we’ve had a wide variety of experiences that are insanely different from anything we would have or could have experienced in NYC.  The impetus behind this trip is fairly simple. I wanted to live in another country for a year. Paul wanted to learn French. Et voilá, here we are! I won’t say it’s been easy, but it’s definitely been educational. And most importantly, we are both glad we are here doing this.

While we do this, Cooking by Heart is evolving. We worked at our first farm for one month in Cassagnabere, an extremely small village south of Toulouse. It is beautiful there and we soaked it in while we struggled, really struggled, with our first host couple, Domi and Cyril, to communicate even the simplest ideas between us. I won’t get into it too much right now, but we eventually shot a cooking video with the two of them, but this video will be sans dialogue. I think you will have a nice feeling for the place. So please stay tuned for Domi & Cyril Sarthe’s recipe for Gnocci with Spinach Sauce.

xxo ❤

Sneak Preview: Peter Berley

We recently shot an episode of Cooking by Heart with chef, teacher, father and award-winning cookbook author, Peter Berley, and his daughter Emma. We had the honor of being the first film crew to shoot at Peter’s newly established “My North Fork Kitchen,” where he recently began offering wonderfully intimate cooking classes in his incredible new kitchen. Here’s a promo piece we put together while we were there.

PS. Look out because soon I’ll be posting Peter & Emma cooking latkes & applesauce by heart and it’s going to be delectable!

Successful Screening on Sunday Night!

Thank you to everybody who showed support by braving the wintry, cold, messed up L train, Sunday night urge to stay home and attended the first ever public screening of Cooking by Heart at 3rd Ward! I truly couldn’t have been happier with the turnout. It was incredible to see the seats fill up and to feel such sweet love and support. Before the screening began, Chitra Agrawal, of The ABCD’s of Cooking and from Vishwani Agrawal’s Chapati, prepared Chana Masala (Chickpea Curry) and Spinach Yogurt Raita. Mother-daughter duo, Affiong and Ediomi Utuk prepared Nigerian Jollof Rice. For $4, they served up perfectly spicy and delightful bowls of jollof topped with chana masala and a spoonful of spinach raita. And for an extra $1, homemade chai by Chai Master, Chumma. That chai got me all types of hopped up, which didn’t help calm my nerves!

The food went fast and I hope everybody enjoyed the musical performance that opened the event and the three videos we shared. It was the big premiere for Jollof Rice, and it was an honor to share it with Affiong and Ediomi for the first time on a nice big screen. Our three pieces were followed by longer documentary called Everyday is a Holiday, by Theresa Loong. It was a pretty incredible story. In the piece, Theresa learns about her father through a diary where he documented his inner thoughts. His story is gruesome and tortured at times but his sweet, silly and positive attitude in the face of adversity and discrimination is awe-inspiring. Keep an eye out for it on PBS soon!
I had such a good time, and I everybody else did too! Thank you Moviehouse, Shantell, Theresa, Chitra, Ediomi, Chumma, 3rd Ward, and everybody who came to support!

Cooking by Heart on the big screen!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn

$10 Suggested Donation at the Door

7pm Indian & Nigerian Food

8pm Film Screening


Picture this: Cooking by Heart on the big screen for the very first time! Mark your calendars, friends, because good things are gonna be cookin at 7p on Feb 12 at 3rd Ward!

Moviehouse produces regular events and screenings at 3rd Ward and we’re honored to be a part of it this Sunday. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to premiere our newest piece! In it, Affiong Utuk shares her unique recipe for Nigerian jolloff rice with her daughter, Ediomi.

The evening’s events will begin at 7p with food prepared by Cooking by Heart movie stars. Delicious Indian food will be prepared by veteran CBH star, Chitra Agrawal of ABCD’s of Cooking and scrumptious Nigerian food will be prepared by new CBH stars, Affiong and Ediomi Utuk. They’ll be selling samples of a couple vegetarian dishes, so bring some cash.

At 8p, the film screening will begin with three of our Cooking by Heart pieces. The feature film will be a 45 minute piece by Theresa Loong. Her documentary, Everyday is a Holiday, tells the story of her journey to uncover secrets of her father’s past.

PS. Thank you Chitra, for introducing us to the Moviehouse crew. And thank you Chris and Clara, for making it happen.