Unfarmed Project

We started a new project that’s all about foraging, wild crafting and the natural bounty around us. We’re exploring edibles, medicinals, natural dyes, mushrooms, all sorts of things! If you think about it, it’s the ultimate Cooking by Heart in that we’re documenting recipes and traditions that often go back much further to primitive times or at the very least, times when we were more connected to our environment and taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Here’s the first episode for your viewing pleasure. There’s a really nice Clam & Chorizo Pasta recipe at the end. Recipes and more Unfarmed here.

Something else – by Heart

It’s not food but can you blame me? My dad recently had some old family footage transferred and he gave it to me to play with. I found this, cut it together, found this song(!) and voila. I had to share it here. It’s not cooking by heart, but it’s certainly from the heart. The comedian and dancer is my paternal grandmother’s sister’s daughter, Ruthie (Pearl’s sister Ettie’s daughter). I think that makes her my second cousin. This silly strip tease captures a certain humor of my family, and of its era. The footage was shot in the early 50s when Ruthie’s husband Abe Mazlish got a camera and fooled around shooting 8mm footage of family occasions and vacations to Atlantic City or the Jersey shore. Ruthie is in her 90s now and lives, as she always has, in New Jersey.

More cooking, playing and creating by heart to come.