6 thoughts on “Joue de Boeuf Recipe Card

  1. This looks delicious. Where does one find beef jowls in Denver CO, or is there an appropriate substitute? Shoulder/Chuck?

  2. Hi Joe, I’m sorry for the late reply – beef ribs are the alternative suggested by the chef and yes 2-2.5lbs would do the trick. Let me know how it turned out!

  3. Thanks, ‘ll give it a try. I made this with chuck and I and others liked it – I really liked it and thanks for the hint about cutting a disposable cut to make the circular mold – it worked great.
    Wish you would post more cooking vids with recepes like this one – I need to try the tomatoe and onion tartes- they look great!
    Thanks so much for the pleasure you bring me, and surely to others as well. Keep it up

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